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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Drum roll please....

This is what we sent to eachother...

IMG_5136.jpg picture by kara-tootie

And THIS is what they became...


Ok, Charity and I exchanged some crazy, and not so crazy fabrics ((wink)) and the purpose was to see what we could come up with.  Well here is what I saw, or didn't, depending on which way you look at it :)

I was able to make a skirt, leggings and 2 dresses with my 8 1/2's.

Here is my skirt that I named Army Brat.  Since one side looks camo, and the other is preppy :)

I paired everything with the leggings to tie it all in.

The next look, I named Hood Fabulous...Charity gave me a freebie, by giving me the plaid hoodie.  I turned it inside out, and Wa-La!  I really LOVE a hoodie!

My last look was actually the first thing I made, and it was using Charity's Joy Z's pattern, which was super easy and looks really cute.  

I introduce Bojo Prep:

See you again next Thursday with our next reveal!  

Hugs and Blessings,


Ok, here it is ... this was SOOOO much FUN!!!  I absolutally LOVE turning something that is ready to be pitched or donated into a brand new piece of wearable art!!!  Ahhhh... this is one of my favorite things to do!  Ok, do you remember the post a few days ago?  Remember those miss matched t shirts we mailed to eachother for this challenge??  You have to go back and look at what we were woRking with if you dont remember, we really challenged eachother with this mix!!!  :-)  ... we need the drumroll again...

Here is look #1... I took four of the t-shirt pieces and created this miss matchd joy Z girl Dress!!  I used my normal joy Z girl pattern and added the ruffle layer at the bottom!!  Talk about miss matched!!!  But SO SO much fun!!!

IMG_7206copy.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

IMG_7138copy.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

IMG_7143copy.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

Ok, that was the first creation... now for the other four t-shirt pieces!  I used my just released pattern "My Favorite Pants" and the top is a pattern that I created that is not yet available (coming soon though)... here is what I came up with for those...

IMG_7200copy.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

IMG_7200copy2.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

IMG_7161copy.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

IMG_7159copy.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

Ok, there it is!!!  We had a blast doing this challenge... and like Ingrid said, stay tuned next week for a new challenge!!!  Have a blessed day!!
Blessings & Hugs,
Charity <><

ps... later this afternoon I will be posting a tutorial on making the knit headbands you see in my upcycled outfits above!  :-)

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