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Monday, November 1, 2010

leg warmers

How to make leg warmers out of tights or knee high socks instructions - tutorial - fun socks tutorial too!

Leg warmers... adorable, fun, functional and just plain easy!!!  :-)  

This is SUCH a great way to get some use out of tights that are too small!  OR, if your favorite store has tights on a "too good of a sale to pass up even though you don't need them" sale!   

Ahem, theses used to be my SUPER cheapo great buy tights from Gymboree... now they are my little ones ADORABLE new leg warmers!!!

               IMG_7288copy-1.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

IMG_7276copy.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

Lay your tights out and cut as shown.  The strips on the ends will need to be 2", the middle section if really up to you (and will depend on the size of the tights you are using).

IMG_7278copy.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

Here is what we are using... set your other pieces aside.

IMG_7279copy.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

Now take your 2" end pieces and fold them in half as shown.

IMG_7282copy.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

Take the folded end pieces and pin them to the ends of your main piece... all raw edges will be sticking out.

IMG_7281copy.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

IMG_7283copy-1.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

Go to your machine and stitch together as shown... I use my serger... well, for just about everything... but no need to, a straight stitch on your sewing machine is totally fine!  :-)  

Repeat this for each end.

IMG_7284copy-1.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

That is IT!!!!  You now have a new pait of adorable leg warmers!!!


Now, go wake up your sleeping child at 10 pm to make her try them on for you!  :-)  

(No, I really did do it... only she actually was still a little tiny bit awake... just heading to la la land... not all the way there yet!  Notice she is standing on her bed!)  :-)

Wait... we cant waste those scraps!!!!  

SOCKS... lets make some socks!!!

IMG_7289copy-1.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

IMG_7292copy-1.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

Cut two strips for the sock band... I just held the piece of fabric I was using up against the top of the sock to figure out how wide to make it... notice it tis folded.

IMG_7294copy-1.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

Stitch the sides closed and then fold it in half.

IMG_7295copy-1.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

Pin it onto the sock top, all raw edges facing out as shown... take it to your machine and stitch together! 

IMG_7296copy-1.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

Turn right sides out and admire your adorable new socks!!!

IMG_7297copy-1.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

IMG_7298copy-1.jpg picture by thevinesbranches

The best part... no waste!!!  :-)


  1. Oh my gosh! I really love this idea! Thanks!

  2. Wow! These are great! I'm not sure I could cut up a new pair from gymboree, but I am thinking about some of the tights my daughter puts holes through the toes in!

  3. This is genius! My daughter won't wear tights and we got a bunch of cute hand-me-downs. Hopefully this is the answer!

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