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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

happy mail {THE BEGINNING}

You know that box outside of your house...where the bills come in?  The one that sometimes delivers packages, maybe that new Silhouette CAMEO that you ordered from Amazon? hmm mmm...
Ok well for almost as long as I can remember, I would not categorize many things came from that box as HAPPY MAIL.

That has changed.  I found a website called SWAP-BOT where you can trade ATC's mini books and more, with other crafters around the country and the world.  I am what they refer to as a newbie, and I'm still learning the navigation process, but I wanted to share the mail that I have sent out.

My first ATC was called LOVE.  I made it with golden wings, silver bead findings and topped with a a regal amethyst crown.  It symbolized my King of KINGS and Lord of LORDS.  The man that loved unconditionally and teaches us to follow the same.  He D E F I E D the law and L O V E D instead of punished He F O R G A V E instead of hated...and I L O V E him :)

I hope that the recipient loved it, and that opening the envelope brought her happiness.  

Personally, every time that I have opened that beloved black box and ring a swap, I can't resist a smile.  Restraining to open it before I reach the front door is often inevitable.  Regardless of where I open it, it brings me joy.

As of right now, I will share my mail, eventually I may share the goodies I have received as well.  enjoy!

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