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Monday, July 15, 2013

learning to worship and {LOVE}: free {PRINTABLE}

pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes
your name is perfume
poured out

This is to love someone, truly love them with each fiber of your being.  Imagine your favorite perfume for a minute. Mine happens to be Prada Amber.  When I spray it, as each molecule of it's sweet scent fills the air around me, I am filled with joy.

For me this is even more significant.  After I had the kids, that pregnancy sense of smell, stuck with me.  I used to be the kind of girl that had tons of perfumes on my vanity.  Every bottle sparkling and beautiful with a slew of secret memories locked inside each one.  Now, I am lucky not to feel queasy when someone walks by me wearing one of these fragrances.  

So back to my Prada.  I can wear it without getting dizzy or developing a stomach ache.  I am as happy with the scent from the minute it lands on me throughout the day as it fades.

So next time you are next to that person that you {LOVE} imagine your favorite perfume, how it makes you feel, the memories that are wrapped in it's scent.  Imagine him (or her) like that.  When his arms are around you, like your own Prada, think of the memories that rush to your thoughts. Think of how happy he makes you feel...

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