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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Waldorf DOLL mania!!

What is sweet...
and round....
has pink cheeks...
and will make your heart smile?

First, Let me tell you a little about the hands that create these beautiful dolls.  They are my dear friend, Charity's.  

...It's actually not fair to call her my friend, when we are really more like sisters.
I've wanted to do a write up about her AMAZING DOLL shop, and have been thinking of what exactly I want you to know about her.   I'll start by telling you that she has five (yep 5!) little ones.  And by little I mean the oldest is in fourth grade and the youngest just turned 3.  

...For all you moms out there, you'll realize that Charity has been changing diapers for over 10 years straight!  Hello people, that is an amazing feat in itself!  

Not to mention one that most of us would not volunteer for. (sorry's almost over!) ;) 
I would tell you that her love for those little ones is only surpassed by the love for her awesome (I am obliged to crown him with such a title do to the fact that he makes the best buckeyes this side of the Mississippi!)husband Brian. And of course, her love for Jesus.  Charity is honestly one of the only people that I know that doesn't shove her religion down your throat.  She is genuine and that happiness that she exudes is real.

So about her dolls.  About 2 years ago, Charity told me about Waldorf Dolls (which are all made using natural materials) So she set of on an adventure to make them UBER-caaaute! (just look at them!) Tell me that you seriously don't want to pick one up and squeeze her (or his) cheeks!  

 Each Vine Baby comes with a stamp on their bottom, a birth certificate and a sweet story "The Tale of The Vine Baby" 

                 Those cotton candy locks are enough to give me a toothache...and there are 2! 

Back to the all natural fabric topic for a minute.  Charity goes out of her way to get the best materials for her vine babies. JUST LOOK AT THAT HAIR!! 

Leaping lollipops!  Is that Dorothy?  Down to the sparkly ruby slippers?

Ready to ship Vine Baby pricing for 2012.
7"-8" Teeny Vine NEW!  ♥   Starts at $135.00 depending on hair, clothing or any extra goodies!
 12" Tiny Vines start at $235.00, depending on hair, clothing, or any extra goodies prices may be higher.
16" Vine Babies start at $295.00, depending on hair, clothing, or any extra goodies prices may be higher.

Go check out Charity's FB page for even more adorable creations!!

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  1. Lovely dolls! You can tell a lot of time and effort went into these beauties!


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