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Monday, September 3, 2012

....another world?

I'm not sure about you, but I sometimes I feel like there is nothing that will go my way.

I get in the car.....I get cut off!

I walk in the kitchen...there are dishes in the sink!

I go to take out the dogs...they have gotten into the toilet paper {again}!

I walk back to the kids rooms...and there are toys covering their floors!

Today was no exception.  I walk into JoAnns, which I must add, looked like a war torn country.  There were women {and a few men} everywhere... I mean EVERYWHERE!  There were people that were actually yelling at each other, and pushing to the head of the lines.  I got out of there as fast as I could!  As I sat in the car I thought about this quote.  This is not the world that I was meant for.  To be quite honest, I take a great relief in that.  But, more importantly, I realized that it is in these exact times that instead of sighing and feeling so sorry for myself, I need to remember that there are circumstances that are sometimes out of our control that may make us a little more irritable and cranky.  {Believe me, I am certainly no exception of that!}  
It is my hope that the next time that I am frustrated, I can stop and look around and focus on all the positives around me.


I get in the car.....I am so very thankful to have a car.

I walk in the kitchen...I am blessed to have food to feed my family.

I go to take out the dogs...I am thankful to have those furry members of my family.

I walk back to the kids rooms...MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am so extremely BLESSED to have two awesome little ones that have a comfy home, and toys {thanks to my sweet husband} to be able to make those memorably sweet messes!

I was made for another world, but until then...

I will try to make this one a little better :)

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