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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Minnie and Daisy

meet Daisy...

she is a platinum blonde bombshell with an onyx black nose and eyes
she's an easy going down to earth attention hog
she likes playing with her toys, annoying her big sis, playing with "her" kids, and of course, eating
she will wait next to the fridge until you hand her an ice cube...or two
she loves socks, but not so much on her feet, as in her tummy  (eerg!)
she loves belly rubs, and acting like she is not a 50lb pup

meet Minnie...

she is a petite and lean demoure beauty
she is a perfect companion to anyone that likes to sit around, or take many naps
she will follow anyone who has a morsel of food....anything, she's not picky
she has been nicknamed "the vacuum" due to her superhero ability to lick up crumbs in a single bound
she loves to cuddle up on anyone's lap or under some comfy blankets
she just wants to be left alone, and tries to ditch "lil' sis"
she doesn't enjoy getting her picture taken (could be due to the fact that said lil' sis always following her)


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