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Sunday, February 6, 2011

today i am grateful for...

today i am grateful for...

little feet racing around the house
spending a quiet day at home
cool crisp nights
sounds of the superbowl in a distant room
strawberry shortcakes
and of course 

my amazing family!

Hi lovely friends!  

I am afraid, we have been a bit timid (which you will soon see is very odd for either of us).  Holding out on you, during our new friendship.  We haven't shared much  about who we are.  For example, you have no idea that Charity and I live over 9 hours away from each other.  We met for the first time this past December....and...We met on ebay about 2 years ago, both selling boutique clothing.

Today, I want to invite you to take a tiny little peek into my little sewing nook.  This is my sweet retreat.  It's where I work, play and most importantly, d r e a m.  My room is the smallest in our house and doesn't get a lot of sunshine, but I adore it!  I am so thankful to have a husband that indulges in my whims! 

This is a sweet sticker that I found in one of my moms old school books.  It reads:  It is never late to open your heart and L O V E.  

It makes me smile every time I see it :) 

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