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Saturday, September 15, 2012

art journal journal ENTRY No.#001

 i have an art journal.
in fact, i have a few of them.
 i actually created art journals, before i even knew what they were.
when i was little i used to love to take ruled 3 ring binders and fill them with pages of doodles, notes and drawings.

i have often featured sewing/fabric tutorials over here at karatootie, but today, I wanted to share with you another aspect of what karatootie stands for.
as you may have read before, i always thought that i was a complete LOST CASE when it came to anything artistic.  

i guess i was, because i was scared to try.  
i was really scared to fail.  scared of what anyone else thought and mostly terrified of the criticisms that i knew would follow.

i think that there are more people feel that way than not.

it's a shame.

because the truth is, that i believe that i was made for a greater purpose.  i believe that about you as well.  i believe that we all have the power to become the greatest of great. i think that dreams are very powerful and  when cultivated, they can turn doubts into realities. {really}

i do.

so art journaling may not be your dream of dreams or the thing that completes you, but i believe that it is a step into that direction.  through your journal, you can declare your hopes and dreams, even those that you think are unattainable.

especially the ones you think are unattainable.

so today, i decided to begin documenting my journals with karatootie.  with you.

so this isn't a tutorial per say, but a look at my process thru the page....

i ran out of mod lodge so i made some mixing 1/2 glue and 1/2 water.  it will do for today :)

...i sometimes have the tv on in the background to keep me company.  today ellen, jt and coldplay visited with me.

some more stencils please...

i'm not sure why but the smudged white pain on her dress is my favorite part of this page.

every girl needs a little blush :)

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