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Monday, August 8, 2011


When the world says GIVE UP
hope whispers... "Try it ONE more time".

Sometimes there are circumstances that are beyond our control.  Circumstances that keep you down.  There are two options:
1.  You can wallow in your own self pity, run out in the street, fall to your knees, lift your fists in the air and scream "WAAAA-EEEEEE".

2.  You can just get over it.  Let it go, and don't allow the negativity to fester in your heart.
#2 is easier said than done, and I am completely a testament to that.  There are times that I am shaken to the core, that I feel so hurt that I do think, why?  I have to step back and ask for a little grace.  I need to go on a little one on one with my Heavenly Father and ask for His peace.  The P E A C E that completely fills my soul and fills me to the rim.  The P E A C E that surrounds me like a warm hug.  The P E A C E that really allows me let it go, and get over it.

I desire that you allow God's Peace in your heart.


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