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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dang...I wish I would have thought of that!

Stinkin stinkin stinking cute!  

This tutorial completely deserves all 3 of those stinkins!  

I really wish that I would have thought of this idea when my little ones were born.  Since David and Lexi's birth, we have lived in 3 different homes, and I have not measured their height.  I always admire the old homes that have mismatched pencil marks up the molding of their doorway.  Being able to glance over at them and say, I can't believe how big you've grown, and having their happy little faces smiling in delight as they find their names on the wood.

Now I really have no excuse.  This tutorial from Whipper Berry is so cute, that I bet you will swoon when you see it!  Also, don't forget to go check Heather's blog out!  It has more adorable tutorials and is yummy yummy eye candy for sure!  

WB 066 copy

Growth Chart 019 copy

Thank you Heather for  sharing your genius idea!

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