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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sneak Peaks...shhhhh ;)

One of the fun things that we have up our sleeves is a re-purposed challenge!  It is the first of many, Runway Challenge, Karatootie Style!  In the first challenge I have picked out 4 repurposed shirts, cut them in 1/2 and sent them to Charity, I kept the other 4 halves.  She has picked out and sent 4 halves to me as well....then we...C R E A T E!!

There will be threads flying and seams a' studio will probably look like one of my kid's rooms after a play date ;)

Are we really so similar?  We we make anything that looks alike? Charity may beat the pants off me in the first challenge, she is the re-purpose queen and all! :)  But I am giving it my all!

The reveals will be on Thursday, so become a follower, choose RSS feed, and find out who makes your favorite design!!

Here is a sneak at the shirts that I sent her last week...

IMG_5134.jpg picture by kara-tootie

IMG_5136.jpg picture by kara-tootie

What would you make?  Anything you'd like to see made, this or maybe next time??

Hugs and Blessings, Ingrid

OOOOOOOOO.....  This is going to be SO much FUN!!!!!

 So, I packaged some halfs of shirts up like Ingrid said, sent them off to her... and the fun begins!!!  :-)  This post is our first peak at what will be arriving in the mail for one another in this "make it work" challenge!!!

And if you have ever looked at her designs you will know that she could SOOO blow me out of the water with this... she's amazing!!!  I'm thinking she was much easier on me... kind of scared of her responce to what will be in her mail box...

Oh, you want a closer look you say???  Here is a close up of my challenge t-shirts...

So, we will see you on Thursday to see what we come up with!!!!! :-)

Blessings & Hugs,
Charity <><

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