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Monday, October 11, 2010

She said, She said...

Charity said...  We are SUPER excited to announce our new FUN adventure!!!  We are just two friends who have a TON of fun together!  This is going to be one hopping blog... we have bunches and bunches planned!!!  We love to laugh, and tend to be a little on the corny side... but we promise, LOTS of fun around here!!!  So please, get cozy and have some good old silly fun with us!!!  We'd love to have you!!  :-)

Ingrid said...  I am so happy to finally be working on something with Charity!  Doing what we do best (kinda) talking!!  My husband calls us hens (men...huh?!?) ;)  Anyways, I think that you all will enjoy this blog, as much as we have enjoyed brainstorming and developing it!   We have a lot of fun things planned for Karatootie!!

Charity said...  Our official start day is one week from today... stay tuned this week though... this week will be full of teasers and hints of what is about to begin next week!!!  So Ingrid... should we let them in on say.....TUESDAYS???

Ingrid said...  Ooooo!  I get to tell?  Tuesdays will be one of my favorites, full of yummy new twist on doing things.  DRUM ROLL PLEASE.........Tuesdays we will present.......Oh, Charity you tell them! ;)

Charity said...  ME??  Ok, this is going to be a SUPER fun day... I mean you just WON"T want to miss a Tuesday!!!  Should we REALLY tell them???  Nahhhh, lets make them wait until next week!!!  Welllll, OK... we are super excited to announce Tutorial Tuesday... stay tuned, a NEW tutorial for you EVERY Tuesday!!! 

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